• Disruptive behavior such as loud talking, shouting, and playing of loud music, films, turning ON/OFF electric light switches, plugging & unplugging network cables, using external power dividers and other devices, tearing off library notices, etc. are prohibited.

  • It is a condition that all bags, cases, books, etc. are carried through the Library exit and thus are subject to inspection at the gate.

  • Appropriate behavior is required in all parts of the Library. Users of the Library should respect the use of designated silent and quiet study zones. Group work can only take place in areas assigned for this purpose.

  • Any person who shall deliberately or maliciously mutilate, deface, tear, write upon, mark, or injure any library material or facility is subject to loss of library privileges temporarily. For serious cases the library transfers the case to appropriate body for disciplinary action within the campus and/or to prosecution under the Ethiopian law.

  • Illegal downloading, gambling, or other illicit activities are not permitted on Library computers. Patrons should understand that all computer activity can be monitored.

  • Users are required to comply with copyright regulations when photocopying, scanning, photographing, printing or downloading from information resources in print, electronic or any other format.

  • The library facilities, reading areas, computer labs, near exit and entrance areas and library offices are non-smoking environments/smoke free work place.

  • Any religious and political activities in group or in person within the library premises is strictly prohibited.

For Detailed Library Policy Manual clik SPHMMC Library Policy PDF