Transforming women’s health and providing world-class services through a unified department


  • Provides compassionate, patient-centered care with an emphasis on subspecialty care primarily for residents of Addis Ababa and Central Oromia
  • Educates future women health-care professionals of high level including specialists and subspecialists in partnership with other affiliated hospitals, and training organizations.
  • Generates new knowledge and technology in the delivery of patient care through world-leading research.

Core values

Strategy priorities

  1. Collaborative research
  2. Advancing quality and standards of care
  3. Advocacy and public awareness
  4. Creating a lifelong learning community among faculty and alumni
  5. Preparing the leaders of tomorrow through education


  • Generate knowledge- and practice-changing studies of pressing questions in our field that draw upon and galvanize all resources across the department
  • Advance patient safety and quality care through collaboration and shared protocols
  • National Initiative in Women’s Health and Advocacy is having a profound impact on the quality of care for women in regional hospitals
  • Support faculty in a shared culture of innovation and inspired ongoing learning, mentoring, wellness and advocacy
  • Create equitable, high quality, consistent education across all levels of teaching and sites that ensures our programs continues to lead, innovate and draw the best learners