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Meklit Mentors is an exclusive mentorship program for undergraduate medical students attending in SPHMMC established by our own esteemed medical students.

Program tracks

Eligible applicants can choose from six tracks of mentorship listed below:

Academic support and career guidance

This track will offer academic guidance to medical students, including assistance with study strategies, tips, exam preparation, study materials, resources and career planning. Mentors will provide valuable insights and resources to enhance students' academic performance in the college.

Public health & research

This track provides unparalleled benefits for medical students by leveraging the expertise of seasoned mentors who are top leaders in their fields, offer specialized knowledge in public health, epidemiology and research methodologies.

Through personalized guidance, students gain unique insights, refine their research skills, and access exclusive opportunities, propelling them towards impactful contributions to public health and medical research. Our mentors will guide them through the process of conducting research, publishing papers, and presenting at conferences.

Personal Development

This track offers transformative benefits for medical students by matching them with qualified mentors who excelled in the roles of capacity building and leadership path. These expert mentors will guide students in developing resilience, communication, and leadership skills essential for a successful medical career.

Our Mentors’ tailored advice and support foster self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and well-being, preparing students to navigate the complexities of healthcare industry for their future career. This track provides a unique opportunity for holistic professional and personal development.

Mental health and psychiatric counselling support

This track provides students with a dedicated psychiatric professional as a personalized mentor, offering a confidential space to address their mental health challenges. This connection enhances resilience, coping mechanisms, and self-awareness, crucial for navigating the demands of medical education.

The mentor helps students manage stress, anxiety, and burnout, fostering emotional well-being and promoting a healthier mindset, ultimately contributing to their overall academic and personal success.

USMLE and residency journey

Opting for the USMLE and residency journey as a mentorship track offers mentees unparalleled benefits. Our expert mentors, who are accomplished IMG graduates seasoned in the intricacies of the USMLE and residency process, provide personalized guidance on exam preparation, application strategies, and interview skills.

This track opens doors to exclusive opportunities, leveraging mentors' insider knowledge. Mentees gain a competitive edge, ensuring a smoother transition from medical school to residency, setting a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling medical career.

Clinical Specialty

This track for mentorship bestows medical students with invaluable benefits. Our mentors, who excelled in their specialties, will offer their personalized guidance on career pathways, specialty selection, skill development, and specialty-specific challenges so that they select their future specialty being well-informed.

Through this track, mentees gain insights into the nuances of each field, honing clinical acumen and fostering professional growth. The mentor's expertise ensures a tailored approach, positioning mentees for success in their chosen clinical specialty and facilitating a seamless integration into the healthcare landscape.

"We are dedicated to shaping compassionate, knowledgeable, and resilient healthcare professionals, to make a lasting impact on patients' lives and the medical community."