SPHMMC have won an award from UpToDate Database

  Alemayehu Bisrat       6:49 AM       Library News

St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College have won an award from Better Evidence for Training Donation Program and granted a limited, revocable, non-excusive, non-transferable license to use UpToDate for a total of 5 years as of August 2021. In order to access the licensed materials, Authorized users must agree to End users license agreement.

Authorized users must establish a Username and Password with UpToDate. Once established, a username and password allows the Authorized Users to access licensed materials from any internet-enabled device including desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android devices, regardless of Authorized User’s location, subject to registration and Re-verification.

UpToDate MobileCompleteTM enables Authorized users to download UpToDate clinical contents locally to their mobile device. With this local version, clinicians can search the complete database of evidence-based recommendations with or without an internet connection.