Call for Application, post graduate programs 2023/2024 academic year



Call for Application, post graduate programs 2023/2024 academic year.

All students will join the college after satisfactorily passing Graduate Admission Test (GAT) that will be administered by MoE, Written and Oral exam will be given by the hosting department. The date will be notified on social media pages.

School of Nursing: MSC programs

  1. Critical Care Nurse Practitioner (Residency Type)
  2. Paramedic Science
  3. Cardiothoracic Surgery Nursing
  4. Cardiovascular Nursing
  5. Neonatal Nursing ( Residence type)
  6. Clinical Oncology Nursing(Residence type)

School of Medicine: MSC Programs

  1. Medical Microbiology
  2. Respiratory Therapy
  3. Medical Radiologic Technology
    1. Computed Tomography and Magnetic resonance imaging Pathway
    2. Ultrasonography Pathway
    3. Radiography fluoroscopy and Mammography Pathway
    4. Interventional Radiologic Technology Pathway
  4. Clinical Embryology

School of Public Health

Ph.D. in Public Health

MPH programs

  1. Health communication and promotion (regular and weekend)
  2. Public Health Nutrition (regular and weekend)
  3. General Public Health (regular and weekend)
  4. Epidemiology (regular and weekend)

Application period is from August 11 to September 13/2023 GC

For the detail on the Admission Criteria and registration visit the link



  1. ወደመመዝገቢያሊንኩተጭነውይግቡ.

  1. Apply for admission/ apply now የሚለውንሊንክበመጫንየሚፈልጉትንፕሮግራምበመምረጥ Apply ይጫኑ.
  2. Basic information በማስገባትሲጨርሱsummit ሲሉት Applicationhas successfully submitted የሚልኖቲፊኬሽንሲመጣበውስጡምyour Applicationnumber is…..በዚህሰዓትApplication number ቁጥርበደንብይያዙለቀጣይኒደቶችስለሚጠቀሙበት፡
  3. በቀጣይየከፈሉበትንሪሲትማስገባትስለአለቦትupload receipt የሚለውንበመጫንApplication numberማስገባትእንዲሁምየመመዝገቢያ 200 ብርየከፈሉበትንሪሲትቁጥርማስገባትከዛምበሶፍትኮፒያዘጋጁትንሪሲትማያያዝሲጨርሱ Submit Receipt ይጫኑ.
  4. ቀጥሎ upload documentsላይበመግባትዶክመንቶትንአስገብተውሲጨርሱSummit document የሚለውንበመጫንምዝገባውንያጠናቁ።

For the detail on the Admission Criteria and the registration visit the link

  • +251 112 75 01 25
  • Gulele Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia PO Box 1271