International partners

Our external partnerships span the globe and allow for expert exchange across a variety of sectors. We believe that sharing knowledge and experience is very important and are always eager to create platforms to engage in such partnerships.Below is a list of our current international partners:

  • University of Michigan
  • Tulane University
  • University of Bergen
  • Harvard School of Public Health
  • Teaching Institutions and Ministry of Health of Egypt
  • ENAHPA (Ethiopian North Americans Health Professionals Association)
  • JHU TSEHAI (Johns Hopkins)
  • University of Alberta
  • Engender Health

The partnership with the University of Michigan has helped to initiate an Ob/Gyn residency program that is competency based and focuses on developing the skills, knowledge and leadership ability of the residents through exposure to a wealth of national and international expertise and improving their access to information. It is also helping to build faculty capabilities through development of teaching and leadership skills, and increasing connectivity with the international academic community through a two-fold approach:

1) Ensuring state-of-the-art technical assistance, training and mentoring in women’s health care and treatment through staff exchange programs where faculty come from the University of Michigan to St Paul to train faculty and teach residents/students, and faculty from St Paul visit UM for training and observation.

2) Designing strategic interventions with local staff to increase the capacity, improve the organization, and strengthen overall Ob/Gyn department services and management. In addition, recently the partnership has expanded to other areas such as the institution of residency programs in Surgery and Internal Medicine, and the development of Ethiopia’s first Kidney Transplant program.

Through the Partnership with Tulane University, St. Paul has received support in a wide range of areas, particularly for undergraduate medical education through ICT support in infrastructure and technical support, library resources (computers, books), financial support for staff development programs like training abroad, and other resources like buses for the students. In addition, their support has been critical in setting up the electronic medical records/EMR/.

There is a Health Facility Networking project to improve maternal health which is a two year implementation research project with the Maternal Health Task Force at Harvard School of Public Health.

St. Paul’s is in the process of initiating a five year project with University of Alberta through a CIDA grant on Improving Maternal and Neonatal Health.

Through the collaboration with ENHAPA, St. Paul’s is receiving support in various areas, particularly in strengthening Emergency and ICU care, by organizing different staff trainings and supplying books, medical equipment etc. They also support the GI/Endoscopy unit through training and equipment provision.

Through the partnership with University of Bergen, Trauma Care Ethiopia and Children Burn Foundation, a bachelor’s program has been started in both Critical Care Nursing and Operation Theater Nursing, with different faculty coming from Norway to teach in the program.

There is a strong collaboration with the Egyptian MOH and teaching institutions through which a Hemodialysis Center was recently opened. Additionally, they have helped to strengthen the GI/Endoscopy unit which has been expanded into a Hepatology Unit. The partnership provides ongoing support in terms of starting Endo-urology service and strengthening all above programs through training.

HIV care at St. Paul started more than 10 years ago through the support of JHU TSEHAI, which ranged from constructing and furnishing the current Adult HIV Unit, renovating the lab, and providing lab testing machines, ART medicine and technical support. The partnership later expanded and started pediatric ART, PMTCT, PICT, and a support group for mothers, among other things.

Engender Health is also a long-time partner in terms of strengthening the Family Planning Unit by assisting with staff training, unit renovations and the procurement of medical supplies for the proper running of the FP program.

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