The students are selected by written exam and structured interview with their previous educational background and their motive to work in the homeland accredited. The students come from all regions in Ethiopia, with students from emerging and underrepresented regions given special consideration. The college also prioritizes gender equality in its student body, and the percentage of female students has now reached almost forty percent.

Admission requirements
The college has developed its own admission guideline. The EHEECE score depends on the year results and cut off point for passing by national examination center. But those who are from the emerging regions will get affirmative action. Students should be enrolled in the same year of high school graduation. In addition, it has a written exam and will scored by the medical college. Accordingly, the interview will be conducted based on applicant’s score for short listing. Up to thirty percent (30 %) of the students may be selected from the four emerging regions of Ethiopia and female candidates are encouraged and given affirmative action.

The Admission Committee

The college will have legally established admission committee, which consists of the following members.

  1. Two members from each academic department (to be elected from each department yearly by rotation)
  2. Two members from the ARVP office (students’ service director and ARVP of the college)
  3. One member from the registrar office
  4. One from medical education
  5. Integrated module coordinator

Responsibility of the Admission committee:

  1. Reviews both the admission application form and the admission application scoring protocol.
  2. Reviews both the structured interview questions and the interview scoring protocol.
  3. Establishes an interview committee which constitutes a medical doctor, basic science staff and a senior medical student/local representative of emerging regions among whom one is a female.
  4. Select examiners from department and submit result to AC

N.B Article 77 of SPHMMC legislation, 2012 shall be applicable

Admission process

Applicants can obtain a structured application form either from the Regional Health Bureau of the four emerging regions or directly from the Registrar’s Office of SPHMMC. This will be marked and used for short listing.

The short listed candidates will be interviewed by the established interview committee. The interview instructions, scoring sheet and additional questions are enclosed.  Thirty percent (30 %) of the total mark is obtained from the EHEECE score and twenty percent (20%) from the interview, forty percent (40%) written exam (biology, chemistry, sophomore English and general medicine) and ten percent (10%) high school (9-12) transcript.

Special Admission program

Contact our Academic and Research office for more information.

No special admission

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