Exam result for 2023 Medical School Applicants

The Interview will be conducted on Tuesday Nov, 07/2023.

Dear applicants to SPHMM 2016 EC undergraduate program, please click this link to see your result
Please note the following points
INTERVIEW for selected applicants;
1. Interview for accepted applicants is grouped into two. Time of interview is as follows.
a. Morning Interviewee group, Arrive at 8:00 AM ( tewat hulet (2 )SEEA’T local time) at the
Administration Building
b. Afternoon Interviewee group, Arrive at 1:00 PM ( keseat behula (7) SEBA’T SEEA’T Local time) at the
Administration Building
2. If you have complaint you can come to the administration office On Monday, November 6, 2023/
Tikemt 26 2016 until 5:00 PM ( keseat behula (11) ASERA ANDD SEEA’T Local time) at the administration
3. If you want to have your answer sheet retrieved and check the results you must: –
a. Write an application letter that you want to Check the answer sheet.
b. Pay 100 birr and attach the receipt with your Hand written application letter on the following Bank
Account number of the college:
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical A/C Number 1000208431068

  • +251 112 75 01 25
  • info@sphmmc.edu.et
  • Gulele Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia PO Box 1271