Dear Examinees of the 2016 Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College, families and friends of Examinees.

Our college has been maintaining transparency and accountability in conducting annual examinations for new undergraduate entries ever since its establishment during the Ethiopian Millennium.  This year as well there were several complaints accepted for the written exam and all of them settled with a 100% agreement and documented appropriately.  As per our work ethics, we accepted complaints from some candidates after we posted this year’s Final results. Following preliminary investigations by the admission committee, we have identified an unexpected issue this year. For the first time, we found that the Excel calculator formula for 10% (ECLCE and high school grade) had an error, that was overlooked to post the results hastily due to pressure. from stakeholders.
Thanks to our transparent procedure and cautious candidates and their families, the preliminary check showed that there can be a major change in the final candidates joining SPHMMC.
Because of these facts; the Posted final result on November 21, 2023, is Officially canceled.
Considering the identified irregularities on the 10% grade we will conduct a thorough evaluation of all candidates who took the interview and the final results at the earliest possible time.
The admission committee and the college wholeheartedly apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this process.
We encourage you to work with us during this process to strengthen our transparent and accountable system.
Please be advised that the college admission committee Will still be open to accept further complaints after the corrected results are posted.


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